Filtration Solutions

CRS offers a wide variety of filtration solutions. Some of the options for filtration include the following: TUF (Tough Ultra Filtration), Distillation, Dehydration, Centrifuge, VUF (Vibratory Ultra Filtration), Electro coagulation, and Filter Press. These technologies are not necessarily mutually exclusive. CRS can design a customized solution to include multiple filtration technologies in tandem if needed. As mentioned, none of these solutions are off the shelf. They are uniquely designed for each customer’s specific needs. These are designed using specific flow characteristics, nature of the fluid, and quality of returning fluid to the customer. Over decades of design in a variety of industries, we are confident in our ability to design a process to provide exactly what our customer needs. The end goal is to provide a cost saving recycling solution that meets the stringent Sustainability goals for both internal processes and finished products sold.

Customized Process Engineering

Tough Ultra Filtration (TUF)

Reverse Osmosis

Distillation Technology

Dehydration & Distillation


Vibratory Ultra Filtration (VUF)

Filter Press

New Filtration Technologies