Our Approach

CRS Reprocessing takes a different approach than most OEM’s or engineering firms to ensure the most economical, eco-friendly customized solution for each on-site turnkey recycling service. Our approach starts by Identifying the Customer Needs, but doesn’t end there, we are responsible for all maintenance and operation after installation. We make sure to thoroughly complete each step in our approach to provide the most successful outcome for CRS, the environment, and most importantly the customer.

  • Identify Customer Needs
    The discovery process step is the most critical to allow CRS to listen, learn and collaborate with the customer to understand the pain points and needs. We draw on 40 years of recycling experience to mutually design a plan including objectives and timing. CRS will initially collect representative samples of the material to be analyzed at our state-of-the-art R&D center in Lewisberry, PA.
  • We want to provide the best customized solution for the customer, this is why we prefer to have an on-site survey at the beginning of every project. The site survey coupled with the test results will allow CRS to design a benchtop test to include multiple filtration technologies in tandem if needed. We have the capabilities of testing the fluid in our bench top TUF (Tough Ultra Filtration), distillation and centrifuge filtration units.
    Conduct Survey
  • Pilot Testing
    Before any system is installed on-site, CRS provides thorough pilot testing either in our R&D facility or at the customer’s site with mobile containerized systems using all the separation technologies. We can take your fluid and run a variety of tests to determine the best possible solution for your processes. This pilot testing provides an accurate picture before the large-scale operation.
  • Our proprietary separation technologies provide higher efficiencies than most off-the-shelf technologies. The customized solutions deliver guaranteed uptime, recovery rates and specifications that ensure year-on-year cost savings and production consistency. For industrial wastewater recycling, we enable the customer to reuse the water and/or to release to the sewer creating net cost savings. For recovered fluids or solids, the higher yield ensures displacement of virgin purchases and less waste, creating net cost savings. This is a win-win for our customers.
    Create Customized Solution
  • Submit Proposal
    CRS submits a fully executed proposal after testing, engineering and collaboration with all key customer touchpoints is completed. The proposal will include a project description, scope, objectives, process flow diagrams, fee structure, cost savings analysis, responsibilities of each party, contractual guaranties, and timing to make the project successful. A face-to-face meeting occurs to discuss the proposal in detail with all the key stakeholders and answer all questions.
  • CRS Reprocessing is a service-based organization. This means that CRS Reprocessing is your partner in capital expenses and continuous process improvements. We provide the equipment, maintenance, and service 24/7, 365 days to ensure 100% uptime and no interruptions to your processes. This provides ease of use, as well as peace of mind that this equipment is up to date and reliable. As the customer, your only worry is the monthly service fee as well as space and any additional utility expenses.
    Secure Partnership
  • Installation
    We have designed most of our units inside sea containers. These compact containers make for easy installation, centralized location, and containment. Out of sight, out of mind is our goal. We want to support our customers while not interrupting daily production. At installation, most customers just need to hook up their tanks as well as utilities. This easy installation and small footprint are a great selling point for most customers.
  • CRS maintains the highest quality standards through detailed analysis and reporting conducted by our on-site technicians. Commonly we have spare components on-site or in our warehouse to ensure quick response for any unforeseen downtime. Our support is further enhanced by 24/7 remote monitoring via links to our U.S. headquarters as well as our off-site laboratory. This laboratory is staffed with full-time chemists who are also available for immediate response and monitoring to ensure optimal recycling.
    Operation / Maintenance