Partner Support

CRS believes in collaborative efforts to meet the customer’s comprehensive solution.

We have an extensive tool kit of separation technologies. It is constantly evolving in terms of new technologies, markets and geographies. As a result, we work with multiple OEMs of filtration equipment, fluid and equipment distributors, engineering firms and strategic fluid and solid material suppliers in a partnership framework.

These constantly evolving applications present opportunities for you to partner with CRS to jointly meet your customer’s needs or to generate incremental income.

Are you trying to expand your geographic market or enter new verticals?
Do you have an existing or prospect customer that requires a reprocessing service or a means of augmenting existing reprocessing for solid material or fluids?
Do you have an existing or prospect customer that prefers to have a service versus a DIY solution?
Are you a strategic supplier that provides a product for a reprocessing solution but the customer requires a mechanical solution?
  1. Contact CRS via this portal and we will contact you within 24 hours. A CRS Partnership form will be provided online requesting a description of your need and your contact information.
  2. CRS will contact you directly within 48 hours of submission to further discuss.
  3. We will meet in-person or virtual to map out a strategy
  4. Based on the strategy we work jointly to determine a fee structure for a successful commercial contract