Fluid and Solid Reprocessing is typically not core to a firm’s business. Operations managers are usually judged on how much of their product they produce, not how much of a non-core activity they perform. Perhaps a better method would be to consider the outsourcing of this activity to CRS Reprocessing that specializes in the reprocessing business. Both off-site and on-site reprocessing solutions offer a diminished risk profile than doing nothing or doing it yourself. In choosing CRS Reprocessing, the reprocessing has been outsourced to a qualified expert that can manage the manpower, materials, machinery and methods in the best possible manner. Since this is a core competency of CRS Reprocessing, these tools and practices are well known therefore employed with less cost or headache.

CRS On-Site Reprocessing Solution

In on-site programs, the recovery is done within a close proximity of the manufacturing process. On-site reprocessing brings full transparency to the manufacturer, who has the advantage of immediate and verifiable materials. Since the product does not leave the customer’s facility, it is reprocessed in a closed loop that eliminates the risk of outside contaminants entering the production stream. On-site testing, conducted by those who can easily and quickly adjust levels to achieve consistent and optimized fluids/solids, helps ensure product quality and process stability with minimal waste. These types of attributes get to some of the less tangible, but no less important, benefits of on-site reprocessing. By having highly experienced staff on hand, supply is immediate and quality is at its peak. Better quality and higher yields, combined with best operating practices, translate to significant savings and a more stable market position in the long-term. Another key advantage to on-site reprocessing is the difficulty of managing logistics has been eliminated.

On-site reprocessing radically reduces excessive working capital issues that spring from extended lead times to return the reprocessed material to the customer and mitigates the risk of a transportation mishap that might occur as the materials are transported from the customer to the vendor and back again. In a typical on-site scenario, the reprocessed product can be returned to the customer without the extra time and headache of transportation. This allows manufacturers to operate in a much leaner way and with significantly less day-to-day carrying cost for virgin fluids/solids inventory. Finally, the regulatory hurdles required for on-site reprocessing are much less, since material is not being shipped from site to site. The CRS On-Site Reprocessing Solution is shown in the following diagram:

Summary of Benefits:

• Upon start-up, immediate cost savings and product quality

• Minimal upfront capital expenditure primarily for utility hookups

• Access to CRS’ full team of reprocessing experts including both process, electrical and mechanical engineers

• Contractual guaranties related to volume, fluid specifications and recovery rates

• All critical spare parts are stocked for quick availability to minimize downtime

• CRS trained operating technicians at your site on a daily basis to ensure equipment undergoes trouble shooting in real time, operating efficiently and optimally

• CRS site manager to ensure contractual guaranties are being met

• R&D exercises to adapt to process and or additive changes

• Continuous improvement of new filtration technologies

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