New Filtration Technologies

Continuous Improvement of New Filtration Technologies

Filtration has been around for a very long time. You would think that the technology is so mature that new ideas and innovation would be few and far between. Surprisingly that’s not the case. There are new ideas, technologies and improvements being introduced every single year. It could be as simple as a new material for a filter cloth to high energy pulse discharges to change particulate sizes to make filtration easier. CRS is right in the mix. Our engineering team is constantly searching for new technologies to use as well as improving what we already have at our R&D facilities.

This past year we introduced two new TUF membranes with larger pore sizes. Another membrane is expected in early 2016 as well. 2016 should be an exciting year for CRS as we introduce our TUF concepts to more and more metal working applications. As fluids become more complex, do harder work and become more expensive to buy and dispose of, there is no time to sit back and think the status quo of filtration is sufficient to meet the demands of future applications.

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