Fluid and Solid Reprocessing is typically not core to a firm’s business. Operations managers are usually judged on how much of their product they produce, not how much of a non-core activity they perform. Perhaps a better method would be to consider the outsourcing of this activity to CRS Reprocessing that specializes in the reprocessing business. Both off-site and on-site reprocessing solutions offer a diminished risk profile than doing nothing or doing it yourself. In choosing CRS Reprocessing, the reprocessing has been outsourced to a qualified expert that can manage the manpower, materials, machinery and methods in the best possible manner. Since this is a core competency of CRS Reprocessing, these tools and practices are well known therefore employed with less cost or headache.

CRS Off-Site Reprocessing Solution

In off-site reprocessing, the material is removed from the customer’s location and sent to another site where the product is reprocessed. Off-site solutions are options for customers with space constraints or concerns about third party access to their site. For customers with concerns about losing a competitive edge by having an on-site provider always present, the off-site model can prove attractive since the recycling vendor does not have intimate access to the firm’s manufacturing processes. In this case, the selection of an off-site provider may best satisfy their perceived needs for the benefits of outsourced reprocessing without the perceived risks that transparency might bring. Also for firms with space constraints (no space available on-site for reprocessing units), the off-site solution provides access to expertly managed reprocessing solutions without the need to free up internal space for the unit on-site.

The CRS Off-Site Reprocessing Solution is shown in the following diagram:

Summary of Benefits

• Immediate cost savings and product quality

• Minimal upfront capital expenditure primarily for utility hookups

• Access to CRS’ full team of reprocessing experts including both process, electrical and mechanical engineers

• Contractual guaranties related to volume, fluid specifications and recovery rates

• CRS manager to ensure contractual guaranties are being met

• R&D exercises to adapt to process and or additive changes

• Continuous improvement of new filtration technologies

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